Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you think membership with BBAV is valuable?

The Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia (BBAV) sets high standards that each member must uphold. To be approved for membership means that we are in compliance with all of the requirements and that we provide a safe, first-class experience for our guests. Quality is how we all define service that delivers excellence, and because members are inspected on a regular basis by the BBAV, we can maintain that quality. That is why we believe membership with BBAV is so invaluable.

Why is it important to you to have your property inspected by BBAV?

The BBAV assures that we operate our business by maintaining high standards and that we meet regulations set by the building industry and the Virginia Department of Health. This ensures that our guests have a quality experience during their stay.

What is one of your business goals?

Our goal is to provide guests with a comfortable, yet extraordinary bed & breakfast experience that will make them want to return many times, for many different special anniversaries and events.

What is one of your favorite things about being a B&B owner?

The Rosebrook Inn has an enclosed 30 x 60 foot Pavilion suitable for anniversaries, birthdays, class reunions, corporate retreats, graduations, holiday celebrations, and wedding receptions. So our favorite thing about being a B&B owner is getting to know the many people we have worked with to plan their event from floral arrangements to catering services. Because planning an event may take several meetings over many weeks or months, we become more than just acquaintances, we become friends.

Why did you start your B&B?

We purchased what was once the historic Church of the Brethren Industrial School which originally opened on January 2, 1923 with an enrollment of 98 students. The property came with a schoolhouse, boarding house, and several outbuildings. The boarding house has been converted into our private home and for many years the schoolhouse was used as a workshop and storage space.

In 1999 we were asked by the Greene County Historical Society to open our house for tours during a fall event. Everyone who visited wanted to know what our ultimate plan was for the schoolhouse. That started us thinking about restoration with the goal of making the building useful. Because the property has historical significance in the county we wanted to be able to share its history, and that gave us the idea to restore the schoolhouse into a bed & breakfast.

What is coolest feature or amenity of your B&B?

We think the coolest feature of our B&B is the kitchen filled with Coca-Cola memorabilia that showcases thirty-plus years of collecting old & new items. While the “Coca-Cola Kitchen” is our favorite, our guests like the Chinese Room with the 265 year-old antique Chinese bed that has no nails. It is a big puzzle with 89 pieces that fit perfectly and that can be taken apart again if necessary.